Joining a Coworking Community with Noma Collective

Joining a Coworking Community with Noma Collective

Meet this week’s guest:

Dan Thompson, Founder & CEO of Noma Collective

Daniel was born in London and has been a nomad since 2012. He spent his early 20s in music marketing and PR where he met Jack, one of the other founders of Noma.

After deciding to leave the UK in search of something better, he spent almost 2 years traveling before he settled in Argentina working the summer festival scene in Europe and spending the winters in Latin America.

In Argentina, he launched the 1st Art Members Club in the country where he found his passion, community and creating safe spaces for people to grow and make the leap from their traditional 9 to 5.

Daniel found himself looking elsewhere and in 2019 decided to move to Belize. We all know what happened next. 2020. But from the toughest moments come beautiful things and Noma was born on the shores of Placencia. You can still find him there, playing volleyball, entering into a late night DMC or a philosophical debate and where appropriate with an IPA in hand.

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