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Martin spent nearly a decade as a Respiratory and Sleep scientist, helping people with issues related to breathing and sleep. Over this period, he recognised that stress was the primary cause of performance and health concerns such as fatigue, brain fog and the inability to focus.

Eloise Stark, Journalist Eloise Stark is a freelance journalist and writer specialising in travel and feminism. In her free time, she can be found roaming the mountains or chatting around a bonfire.

I help brands stand-out from the crowd with captivating and beautiful product commercials, UGC, AGC content or give your brand an image with fun spokesperson videos.

Gonçalo is the CEO at NomadX, one of the biggest nomad communities in the world with physical communities in Madeira, Caoi Verde and Lisbon. Also he launched projects like the Remote Work Movement, Future of Work Conferences, Remote Portugal and Remote Europe in order to help the movement grow and spread.

In 2013, Tarek left the corporate world behind in an effort to explore the actual world. After traveling to over 100 countries, running 25 marathons and supporting social causes, Tarek launched Nomads Giving Back! with the vision to inspire you to give back to the communities you call home away from home.

The road to social media success is strewn with the burning debris of digital content that targeted the wrong buyer persona, failed to identify hashtags with intent, or tried to build a following using black hat shortcuts. To succeed you need a Social Media Manager who can navigate these roads… Learn what it takes to be a social media manager and how to get started.

Filmmaker / Photographer with a taste for the absurd: like traveling by food-tuk from India to Germany. He is publishing a cookbook of adventures this year along with plenty of videos to prove it all happened.

Matthias is a location independent entrepreneur with a passion for community and ecosystem development. He is growing Bansko, a mountain resort in Bulgaria, into one of the premier destinations for digital nomads. At Coworking Bansko he is turning nomads into residents since 2016. At the moment he is constructing Coliving Bansko, a 42 unit purpose built coliving space, together with investors from the community.

Reporting from War in Ukraine! Hi. I’m Orest Zub – traveller, blogger and online entrepreneur from Lviv.I’ve visited over 120 countries including many conflict regions and could not imagine the war will come to my own country. Currently, my job in resistance to Russian invasion is to inform the global society on what is really happening here.

People work with me because I quickly identify what obstacles Entrepreneurs face in their businesses and together we bring clarity, and eliminate the unnecessary. More than anything, clients value the support, appreciate the insight and perspective, and enjoy a fresh perspective and clear sounding board that is useful.

Josh and Kalie left the US for a life abroad in 2009 and haven’t looked back. They have lived in Spain, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and are currently in Portugal. Yes, they realize they only moved to countries starting with the letter “S” until they spoiled that streak with their move to Portugal.

Kika has been a digital nomad for the last 6 years. Currently she works as the Project Manager at I Love Veterinary, a project dedicated to veterinary professionals, which was founded by her partner and herself. Other than that, she is a self-taught SEO specialist and has built a few other successful niche websites.

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