7 Summer Festivals to Check Out during Your Digital Nomad Summer

7 Summer Festivals to Check Out during Your Digital Nomad Summer

As digital nomads, we have the ability to work from anywhere in the world. This summer, why not take full advantage of your location freedom and explore these seven extraordinary festivals around the world? Catch a hilarious play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival during the day and work at night. Wake up early to send some emails before diving into the craziness that is Glastonbury. It’s all happening this summer!    

  1. Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Scotland)

Held every August, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the world’s largest arts festival, offering a spectacular array of performances from comedy and theatre to music and dance. This year, it takes place from August 2nd to August 26th. Enjoy over 3,000 shows set against the charming backdrop of Edinburgh’s historic streets. With excellent Wi-Fi in cafes and co-working spaces, working between shows is a breeze.

  1. La Tomatina (Spain)

Every August, the small town of Buñol in Spain transforms into a juice-splattered battlefield during La Tomatina, the world’s biggest food fight. This year, the event is on August 28th. Participants throw overripe tomatoes at each other, creating a sea of red. This festival is a fantastic way to release your inner warrior while also meeting fellow travelers. Valencia, a popular spot for digital nomads, offers an ideal base for attending this event, as it is only a 40-minute drive away. 

  1. Fuji Rock Festival (Japan)

Nestled in the stunning mountains of Naeba, the Fuji Rock Festival is Japan’s largest outdoor music event, held in late July. This year, it runs from July 26th to July 28th. It features a diverse lineup of international and local artists across multiple stages. Digital nomads can set up base in Tokyo, taking advantage of the city’s top-notch workspaces and then enjoy a scenic trip to the festival.

  1. Notting Hill Carnival (the United Kingdom)

London’s Notting Hill Carnival, which takes place every August, is Europe’s largest street festival. This year, it will be held on August 25th and 26th. It celebrates Caribbean culture with vibrant parades, music, dance, and food. Digital nomads can soak up the lively atmosphere over the August Bank Holiday weekend. London’s extensive co-working spaces and connectivity make it easy to balance work and play during your stay.

  1. Montreal International Jazz Festival (Canada)

In late June and early July, Montreal hosts the world’s largest jazz festival, attracting top musicians from all over the world. The Montreal International Jazz Festival runs from June 27th to July 6th this year and offers a plethora of free outdoor concerts in the city’s downtown area. With Montreal’s rich culture, beautiful parks, and excellent co-working spaces, digital nomads can enjoy a productive and entertaining summer.

  1. Glastonbury Festival (the United Kingdom)

If you’ve never experienced the magic that is Glastonbury, this year might be your chance. This year, it runs from June 26th to June 30th. Set in the idyllic English countryside, Glastonbury offers an eclectic mix of music, arts, and environmental awareness. For digital nomads, the nearby city of Bristol provides a lively community and an ample amount of workspaces, which is only one hour from the festival.

  1. International Berlin Beer Festival (Germany)

Held every August, the International Berlin Beer Festival is heaven for beer lovers. This year, it takes place from August 2nd to August 4th. Stretching along Karl-Marx-Allee, the festival features over 2,000 beer varieties from around the world. Digital nomads can enjoy Berlin’s vibrant culture, rich history, and numerous co-working spaces, which makes it a perfect base for this beer bash.

What Are You Waiting For?

The location independence that comes with being a digital nomad means you can explore the world while still staying productive. This summer, make the most of it by attending one, or many, of these fantastic festivals. Get ready to make unforgettable memories while still getting your work done!

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