Why Bullet-Journaling Is Important For Digital Nomads

Why Bullet-Journaling Is Important For Digital Nomads

As digital nomads we’ve all been there: sending emails, contacting colleagues, booking flights…It’s so hard to stay on top of things especially when you’ve just moved to another place and can’t wait to discover it. We may often find ourselves in a complete chaos missing deadlines and losing clients – all because of lack of organization and time management. 

The good news is that there are many ways to keep track of your daily activities. One of the easiest techniques is bullet journaling – an all-in-one solution to turning your life into a structured system. Here are the reasons why you need to practice bullet journaling as a digital nomad.


We all can relate to it. We’d rather go for a morning walk then start writing a report especially if this is not something urgent. This happens because we usually prefer immediate rewards to future gains. 

While there is no easy recipe for procrastination, bullet journaling can mitigate its impact. You can write a to-do-list in the morning, or late in the evening – as long as it sets you up for the day and gets you organized. When you have a concrete plan for the upcoming day, you want to start crossing those tasks off the page. As a result you procrastinate less and stay productive and motivated! 


Have you ever been so overwhelmed with all the little tasks that you did not know where to start? Which task is more important and which one can wait until the next week? As digital nomads, we need to be able to prioritize – otherwise we may lose an important client or miss a chance to close a deal.

Bullet journaling is really effective when it comes to managing time and following your personal agenda. But don’t get carried away with writing down every single task. Your priority is to get the job done and not cross those tasks off the page! 

Work-life balance

Being a digital nomad is all about work-life balance – having freedom to set the working hours suitable just for you. Yet many of us suffer from either working the whole day with no time for personal life or procrastinating to the point when you miss the deadline. 

Bullet journaling can certainly help you stay organized, make enough time for your personal staff and take care of your well-being.

For more info, check out this article on bullet journaling.

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