9 Time Management Techniques for Digital Nomads

9 Time Management Techniques for Digital Nomads

Effective time management is crucial for being productive and succeeding in your work. When it comes to digital nomads, who also want to make time for travelling and exploring the city, time management takes a whole new level! 

With the freedom that digital nomads value so much, comes the pressure to manage time, avoid procrastination and stick to deadlines. Here are some time management techniques to help you stay productive and reach your full potential as a digital nomad!

Practice Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is essential for organizing your time. For a person working remotely or with no strict timeline for the project it is especially important to set up the deadlines and stick to them as much as possible. Try not to let yourself procrastinate too much, organize your tasks and set priorities. We all know that it is not easy to stay motivated to get the work done, but the more you practice self-discipline the sooner it becomes part of our daily life. 

“Eat that frog”

Have you ever had a task that seemed especially hard and you put it off until the last minute? Eventually this one task can disrupt your productivity and bring with it stress and anxiety. For better time management try using the strategy called “Eat that Frog”. It means to do the hardest task of the day first thing in the morning and cross it off the list!

Limit Time On Online Calls

Meetings can often be tiring and take a great amount of our working time. One of the solutions to reducing the meeting time is to tell the attendees that you need to leave the meeting 15 minutes earlier. Most of the time people will manage to finish the discussion within the set time limit. This leaves you with extra 15 minutes to do other little tasks. And imagine doing the same for all four meetings a day – you will save yourself the whole extra hour!

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