Lessons Learned from 1 Year as a Digital Nomad

Lessons Learned from 1 Year as a Digital Nomad

Meet this week’s guest:

Mujtaba Saifuddin, Director of Partnerships at Lojistic

I’m a former location-dependent Aerospace Program Manager turned Digital Nomad that is the Director of Partnerships for a technology company. This company is called ‘Lojistic’ and we have built a shipping intelligence platform that helps companies around the world control and reduce their shipping spend.

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Digital nomad visas give location independent workers the opportunity settle down for a while. Usually lasting for a year or two (though some are longer) they give you the chance to kick back and soak up a country. So what are some of the best options out there?

Of Sharks and Turtles

While snorkeling in Mexico, looking for sea turtles, My wife and I had a great time, but for my kids, it was super stressful because the guide mentioned that there might be sharks. Our kids didn’t realize that the sharks would likely be harmless. But really, that’s the whole digital nomad life in a single moment, if you think about it. The thing that holds most people back from jumping in and swimming is the fear of what might happen, what might be in the water. There are some amazing things to see and do in this world. The nomadic lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but travel itself is something that I can confidently suggest to anyone, even if they’re afraid. You might find some sharks out there, sure, but you’ll almost always find turtles. 

Starting a Podcast – And How to Fund It

I’m a proofreader, podcast host, and cryptocurrency enthusiast originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. After university, I lived in Tokyo, Japan for 12 years as an expat and became a digital nomad in 2017. I moved to Lisbon, Portugal in 2020 and continue to nomad around the world for six months a year.


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