Understanding the Reality of Remote Jobs

Understanding the Reality of Remote Jobs

Still dreaming about finding the perfect remote job?
Juliana is a recruiter-turned-career coach, and she will be running some exciting workshops exclusively for Digital Nomad World, with the first being Understanding the Reality of Remote Jobs. Juliana has worked for over 15 years as a recruiter around the world and has been remote for over 9 years.

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2020 – what a year for the workplace! Almost one and a half years ago the first lockdowns were announced and in-office employees transformed into remote keyboard warriors. A drastic change that transformed the office overnight!

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Remote work became a standard practice over the last one and a half years in most of the business fields and has created a new generation of workers who are no longer okay with sitting in an office. In the past two decades, the number of remote workers has risen by 115%, according to a report by Flexjobs

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