Julie French

How to Deal With Loneliness as a Nomad

Meet this week’s guest:

Julie French, Recruiter, Self-worth Coach, Authentic Relating Facilitator

Professionally trained life coach turned recruiter that specializes in helping women connect to their confidence, strengthen their self-love, and release the toxic beliefs developed from the fitness industry.I am passionate about helping women connect to and strengthen their core essence, instead of focusing on strengthening their core abdominals.

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The future of remote work is likely to have a significant impact on society, as more and more people are expected to work remotely in the coming years. Remote work, also known as telecommuting, is a flexible working arrangement where employees can work from a location other than the office, such as their home or a co-working space. The rise of remote work is driven by advances in technology, changes in the labor market, and shifts in societal attitudes towards work-life balance.


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