Building a Non Profit Community Based on Digitalization-and Collaboration

Building a Non Profit Community Based on Digitalization & Collaboration

Meet this week’s speaker:

Jose Leon, Founder – BanskoLab

Hi I’m Jose and I am Colombian-born Dutch entrepreneur, I founded WASOE, BanskoLab, ShareOle & Why? Because I have a shitload of energy and a lot of time. I am not a nomad, but I do the things nomads do, after the pandemic hit the Netherlands, I was forced to close the office and send everyone home.

I have too much energy to stay home, and so I built a campervan and started traveling. After wandering around in a selfbuild van, I found a plot of land in Bansko Bulgaria, I started building a cabin in a remote location and now live with my 60+ kg dog. Now I live in Bansko and recently founded Banskolab and my mission is to make Bansko “The Balkan Valley” in 10 years.

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