10 Tips to Cultivate Company Culture When Your Team is Working Remotely

10 Tips to Cultivate Company Culture When Your Team is Working Remotely

The company culture is an essential aspect of business management – it can attract new employees but also make them leave the company. With many companies switching to remote work, however, cultivating a great culture has become more difficult. 

In this article, we are going to explain the importance of having a company culture (even when your team works remotely) and provide some tips on how to maintain it.

Why is company culture so important?

Just think about your previous work places. What do you remember about them? Probably these are the relationship in the team, approach to work and team building events that you remember most. 

Company culture sets the tone for the employees and influences their approach to solving problems, productivity and attitude towards work.

How to cultivate company culture in remote teams?

A great culture doesn’t always appear organically – in most cases you need a clear plan on how to create and reinforce it. 

Here are some ideas:

Walk the talk

The best way to encourage employees to adopt company values is start practicing them yourself. If you want to promote diversity and inclusion – show these values by hiring more diverse candidates. Want your team to communicate more outside work? Make sure to also attend these informal meetings yourself.

Place trust in employees

If your team is micro-managed and every move they make is watched and controlled, they will get a feeling you as the manager do not trust their competences and skills. Instead, try using effective communication as well as technology tools to monitor the performance of your employees by focusing more on the results of their work rather than time they spend to complete a task.

Ensure a work life balance

Some ways of helping your team to maintain a good work-life balance are offering some fitness classes, flexible working hours and additional child-care days. Managers should have regular talks with the team members to discuss their concerns and make sure they are not overloaded with work.

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