How to Stand Above Other Applicants in a Remote Work Position

How to Stand Above Other Applicants in a Remote Work Position

While the pandemic is over, many of us are reluctant to return to the office and prefer to continue working remotely. Luckily, a lot of employers have also got the taste of remote work and keep offering remote jobs or hybrid jobs. 

With these work modes becoming more common, however, the competition amongst applicants has also increased. Now you need to stand out above the candidates who not only came from your city, but above professionals from all over the globe!

In this article you will find some recommendations that will help you prepare for the interview and get your dream job.

Adapt your cover letter and resume

The successful application begins with a good resume and cover letter. Read the job description carefully and analyze if your competences are matching the criteria mentioned in the description. Adjust your CV to the position you are applying for and write a customized cover letter – add relevant training courses that you took and certifications you received. Don’t forget to specify your remote work experience. If you have never worked remotely before, write about your experience managing projects or communicating with clients in different locations and time zones.

Do your research

Prior to going to the interview, make sure you know the company you want to work for. Find out about the company as much as you can: about its culture, values, achievements and services. With this knowledge you will mention specific facts about the enterprise and ask relevant questions at the end of your interview, which will already make you stand out! You will also show your commitment to the company, that you are deeply interested in getting a job specifically here and that you are motivated to stay with them longer.

Demonstrate you can be managed remotely

When hiring remote employees companies prefer the candidates that possess the high level of self-organization, responsibility and integrity. These skills are particularly important because remote workers are usually spread between locations and managers don’t always have a chance to control the performance of every single task they give to their worker. 

How to demonstrate these skills? You can mention them in your cover letter, by telling about your prior experience with the remote work and videoconferencing tools, or highlight them during your interview.

Read about other tips and tricks in the full article How to Stand Above Other Applicants in a Remote Work Position.

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