What is C++ Software?

C++ is a popular coding language with high-performance software. From internet browsers to MRI Scanners, C++ is the preferred language when performance is key. This makes it a great choice for those looking to get into large companies as a coder. It’s been around since 1985, making it one of the most developed languages in the world.

C++ is also a fantastic gateway to other languages. The syntax used has been adopted by Java, Python and PHP to name just a few. Javascript also operates using similar syntax and C++ a great way to upgrade once you’ve learned the basics of coding. For those wanting to build their development skills, this language is a logical next step.

It’s also a great choice for getting into the development workplace. Though many of the jobs requiring C++ are in more traditional environments, you’ll also find a growing number of companies happy to employ digital nomads. Former start-ups that are starting to see larger customer bases will be looking for developers that can help them build better performing websites.

In general, C++ is a great language for developers who are looking to upgrade their skills. It can open a lot of doors for you, whether you’re interested in website, software or games development. This 35-year-old language has updated throughout the years, making it one of the most stable options for developers. It also has a sizeable online community where you can learn more about how to use the language and get digital nomad jobs as a C++ developer.

How is C++ used in development?

Generally, it is used for anything where high performance is key. You certainly won’t find it on any small business websites, but you’ll use a program that runs on C++ at least once a day. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both work using C++; it’s also used extensively in Adobe applications and even for MRI Scanners. This is a heavy-duty language.

It is commonly mixed up with C and C#, and it’s worth keeping in mind that all three languages use similar syntax. There are still a few core differences, however. The biggest difference between C and C++ is that the latter allows functions to be defined within structures. This gives you better flexibility overall and helps with functionality for larger pieces of software that require multiple structures.

There are a few bigger differences between C# and C++. C# is preferred for smaller programs and applications, whilst C++ is unbeatable when it comes to larger projects. C# is also for Windows only, whilst C++ can operate on Microsoft, Apple and Android devices. 

C++ is also by far the leading language when it comes to games development. Most console games require C++, and it is pioneering the 3D and VR games space. If you’re interested in game development and already have some basic coding skills, C++ is an absolute must for you. It is one of the quickest ways to build a responsive game and has been revolutionary with 3D animation.


How to become a C++ software developer?

The logical first step would be to learn the language but you need to make sure you know the basics first! If you’re new to developing, it’ll be almost impossible for you to dive straight into C++ software development. Make sure you learn HTML and CSS first. Javascript is also a great stepping stone as it is much easier to use, and has also taken on a lot of the same syntax as C++.

If you’ve already got the basics you’ll have to accept a hard truth, it’s impossible to fully learn C++. This language has grown so much over the years that you’ll constantly be learning about different functions. The good thing is that nobody expects you to know it all. This might sound obvious, but it is just about getting the basics down. Get good at those, and then you can get your foot in the door with a career in C++ development.

If you’re looking to do something specialised it’s also worth keeping in the loop with communities related to those industries. These will help you figure out what parts of C++ are important to you. Game development, in particular, has a massive online community that can walk you through the most challenging parts of developing with C++.

So where do you get started? Well, most digital nomads will turn to the internet for their training. The good thing about most coding languages is that there are plenty of resources to help you. From YouTube videos and Skillshare tutorials to full-time crash courses, there’s bound to be something to fit your schedule. 

If you’re already working in development we recommend fitting it around your spare time. If you’re new to it, taking a more structured approach will be super useful. It will cost a little more, but it’s a worthwhile investment.

What jobs require knowing C++?

As touched on earlier, C++ is a great language for getting more involved with bigger projects. Its high-performance nature makes it an invaluable asset to any team building a game, app or website that has a lot of users. If you want to get your foot in the door at large companies, C++ is the language to learn.

Game development is one of the largest sectors that require the language. Most console games use it, so everyone from the smallest publishers to the huge conglomerates requires it. If you’re already into 3D animation, storytelling or any other creative discipline, learning C++ is a great way to compliment your skillset for a truly lucrative career.

Beyond computers and gaming, C++ is a popular language across the tech sphere. MRI Scans run on the software, as well as a whole host of other medical tools. This makes C++ one of the most versatile languages to learn. If you have a broad skillset using C++ you could find yourself developing the latest game one day, and building code that saves lives the next. 

With this in mind, we recommend you take some time to think about why you want to learn the language before diving right in. It’s such a complex language that specialising will make you a better developer. That being said, it’s possible to maintain a diverse client base with C++, especially if it is your main coding language of choice. For digital nomads, C++ is an incredibly useful tool for online working.

Average C++ salary with different levels of experience?

C++ is roughly in the middle when it comes to developer salaries. Why is this? It’s a high demand language, but over the past decade, there have been more and more people learning the language to tackle this. It might not be the language of choice if you want to make big bucks, but you’ll certainly make a comfortable salary with a solid understanding of the language.

A midweight C++ Developer with around five years of experience can look at earning around $85k+. Newbies will vary anywhere from $35-50k depending on the size of the company and how specialised you are. After 10 years of experience, you can expect your earnings to break $90k. There is a little bit of a ceiling on earnings, but you can break through this by learning other languages and becoming a full stack developer with C++ under your belt.

These are the average incomes for somebody working a salaried career with a single company, but what about the earning potential for freelancers? This depends on how much you can take on, realistically earnings in the middle are pretty much identical. It’s easy to make the mistake of taking too much on to maximise your earnings. This is a heavy-duty programming language that requires a lot of your time. Keep this in mind when pitching for work.

That being said, those at the top of their game could potentially earn a little more, even exceeding $100k per year before tax. To get there you will need to hone into a specialisation. In general, game development pays a little lower whilst computer and medical software jobs will have much more to spend.

How common is using C++ amongst digital nomads?

It isn’t the most common language among digital nomads, but that’s changing! Companies have historically hired someone inhouse to carry out development in C++, but the rising demand for the language has opened up opportunities for remote workers. If you’re thinking about embarking on a digital nomad lifestyle, C++ is a great way to seriously enhance your earnings.

All coding languages will contribute to your ability to work online, so we recommend taking on a few of these if you can. Even if you don’t end up working in development, C++ can make you a better freelancer across the board as it will increase your ability to communicate with other involved parties. If you have your eye on the bigger corporate roles, it certainly won’t harm your prospects.

Like all online tools, C++ is pretty easy to learn on the road. The only thing we would say is that you should keep in mind that you’ll need internet access to practice your skills. It doesn’t have as many dedicated offline development tools as newer languages, so this probably isn’t one for taking up time during those wild train journeys in the middle of nowhere.

C++ might be one of the oldest coding languages, but it’s still a popular development tool today. Learning it will enhance your career prospects with larger companies and high-performance projects. For digital nomads, this is a great way to maximise your earnings online.


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