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What is C# Software?

C# (pronounced C Sharp) is one of the youngest programming languages. Developed by Microsoft, it has been around since 2000 and is among the easier coding languages to learn through online courses. This makes C# a popular choice with digital nomad independent developers looking to build their own apps, websites, and games.

We’ll go more into what you can do with it later, but the range of applications for C# is immense. The language was designed to perform a variety of functions and has been regularly developed since it was first released. This makes it one of the most cutting-edge languages to learn. 

Another great thing about C# is the large community built around it. Even if you’re just a beginner using the language, you’ll quickly find plenty of online forums and colleagues that can help you build your skills. The language has such a broad range of applications that you can learn from all kinds of developers, helping you to really enhance your range.

It is also one of the three programming languages that you can use in the .NET Platform. This is an open-source (and therefore completely free) development platform that lets you design apps and games for a variety of devices. Since it is free to use, .NET is becoming the industry standard – and simply searching for developer jobs will show you how many companies are crying out for programmers that can use it.

You’ll need to have some training in programming already to be able to use C# efficiently. That being said, once you’ve figured out the basics it is a super easy language to learn. If you’re looking for a quick way to upskill and enhance your earning potential, C# is totally worth considering.

How is C# used in development?

Since C# is the most popular language with open-source developer platforms, it is preferred by those looking to keep costs down. By far the .NET Platform is the most popular use for the language among developers, but you’ll find there are a few others available free of charge. This means that you can still get good use out of the language even if you prefer to stay away from Microsoft’s infrastructure.

The .NET Platform is particularly great for designing websites – which is why you’ll find all kinds of companies asking for some knowledge of it. You can design really responsive websites in a relatively quick timeframe with knowledge of C#. These websites are small but powerful – making them easy to update as needed. If you’re looking to upgrade your offering to small businesses, Taking a C# course will keep you miles ahead of other developers.

In terms of applications, .NET runs on Microsoft and is therefore a great place to develop apps for Windows computers. It’s pretty easy to translate from other languages to C#, making converting Mac and Android apps to Windows devices a breeze. The apps you design using this language will only work on Microsoft devices, however, so you’re somewhat limited in your capabilities there. That being said, because it is free to use it’s a great way to grow your app development skills without breaking the bank.

It’s also a fantastic language for breaking into game development! You’ll of course need to have a few languages under your belt, but the free nature of .NET and relative ease of learning C# make it a great starting point. C# also works well with Unity, the most popular game development platform available. This gives you a great opportunity to learn with the best – and of course you’ll also get some help from the growing C# developer community.

How to become a C# software developer?

Java Ruby PythonThis depends on your skill level! If you’re new to development, make sure you’ve got the basics down first. HTML, CSS and Javascript are must haves for anyone interested in coding. Learning these will give you a good understanding of the building blocks required for coding. These are the three most popular coding languages, so you’ll find endless resources online to help you.

Speaking about endless resources – those with a solid understanding of development will find some great courses online to learn C#. These can get quite pricey – but it’s a super lucrative career so you’ll definitely make it back. Shop around as sometimes you can get good deals on these courses (especially outside the usual course start dates).

Alternatively, you could also look into some free resources. As we’ve already mentioned, the online community of C# developers and learners are incredible. You’ll find an endless selection of videos, blogs, and support networks at your disposal. This is particularly important for digital nomads who often find themselves having to learn this stuff on the move. With all the free development platforms available, you can easily build your skills on a long train journey. Most of these are available offline.

Once you’re confident in using the language you’ll need to build a solid client base. Most of the time you’ll be expected to present a portfolio of work. Thankfully, .NET is free to use giving you the chance to work on your own projects. We recommend you do this whilst you learn so you’re ready to go as soon as possible. Work on some small projects to start with, and then it won’t be too hard to land yourself something more stable and better paid.

What jobs require knowing C#?

C# is the main programming language for Microsoft, so basically any development job working with their operating systems will require it. This goes for apps and games in particular. Development teams want to be able to work across as many platforms as possible – and working for an agency can be a great way to build your skills. When you first start out head to the larger development powerhouses to really grow your skill set.

The great thing about C# is that it is also one of the coding languages most likely to land you a digital nomad job outside of traditional development roles. Alongside the .NET platform, it is the perfect language for smaller businesses that need something quick and easy to update. This really opens up your freelancing opportunities. It’s a great little language for building responsive websites in a short amount of time. 

Whilst the vast majority of C# roles will be in website or app development, it can also help you get your foot in the door with games development. Since it works on the Unity platform, many game production companies require it for developing PC games. Games like Doom, Rimworld, and the NASCAR series have all been developed using C#. Even Pokemon Go! was partially designed on Unity.

And what about jobs other than developing? You won’t find a huge selection of jobs that require it, but it’s helpful to use if you’re working in content management. It can give you an edge over other professionals if your client’s website uses C#.

Average C# salary with different levels of experience?

C# programmers have a pretty good salary from the start. The average starting salary sits at around $60-75,000 – which pushes up to around $100k with five years of experience, and beyond $125k for the most experienced developers. It does cap at the higher end, but if you know more languages you can see your earnings grow exponentially.

This is, of course, just the wages for those working a regular 9-5 style job with C# programming skills. You can earn even more by going freelance – which is naturally the most popular option with digital nomads. You’ll likely start off on the lower end (around $40k); but after 5 years of experience you can pass $150k with a good set of clients.

The great thing about C# is that there are so many jobs available that you’ll never find yourself out of work for too long. We don’t know what the next big thing in development will be, so it’s always worthwhile learning more languages in your spare time – but for now it looks like C# is set to rule the Microsoft development sphere.

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How common is using C# amongst digital nomads?

It’s not the most common language amongst digital nomads – but that’s starting to change. With all of the jobs available for C# programmers, many digital nomads are taking the time to learn the language and related platforms. You’ll also find a lot of the jobs working with C# are only for a few months at a time, making it perfect for those looking to take on multiple projects at once.

What really makes C# courses so attractive to digital nomads is how easy it is to learn with little investment. The main development platforms are free to use, with fantastic online communities to help you grow. These also work offline, giving you the chance to build your skills from anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking to work in Microsoft development, you’ll need to learn C#. Whilst it isn’t the easiest language to learn, you’ll be able to pick it up pretty quickly if you have a sound knowledge of the basics. It’s among one of the most popular programming languages for short-term employment online and can really set you apart from your competitors.


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