Ripped-City Gym

20% Discount on Membership (Annual, 6 Months, 3 months)

10% Discount on any purchase of protein shakes available at FitHub

10% Discount Online Services (to launch)

Ripped-City Gym is known for being the best fitness provider and the only fitness club in town that provides an international standard of customer service as well as fitness programs, services and fully equipped facility in Tagbilaran City, Bohol Philippines; products, services & social groups includes:

– Gym Membership (short/long term contract)
– Advanced Fit Training Programs (packages to choose from)
– Fit Hub (Signature products: Shakes & Sorbets)
– Vitamins & Supplements
– Weekly group challenges
– Meal Plan
– Corporate Wellness Program
– GX Classes
– Online personalised fitness program (free fitness assessment)
– Discounts & Freebies

In order to receive the benefit you must show your valid membership card

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