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Remote Health by SafetyWing

SafetyWing Remote Health

SafetyWing Remote Health: affordable, high-quality global health insurance for the Digital Nomad World community

Digital Nomad World community members have access to Remote Health by SafetyWing at an exclusive discount of up to 40% off individual rates. Remote Health plans provide comprehensive annual health coverage for residents of 175+ countries: a member can use the same plan to live, travel, and work all over the world.

  • Choose between three plans: Standard, Premium or Premium+Maternity.
  • Use the insurance at any clinic or hospital, private or public, in 175+ countries
  • No waiting periods and coverage for pre-existing conditions

About SafetyWing

Launched in 2018, SafetyWing’s vision is to build a global social safety net, to create equal opportunities and freedom for everyone worldwide.

With Remote Health, SafetyWing is making it easy for remote teams and independent workers to access high-quality health benefits at an affordable price. Founded by CTO Sarah Sandnes, COO Hans Nyvold Kjellby, and CEO Sondre Rasch, SafetyWing is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has a 180-strong team of fully remote workers based all over the world.


  1. Coverage for members residing in 175 countries. All policyholders are also covered during short and long-term trips to almost every country in the world.
  2. Free and 24/7 customer support via chat or phone. Reach out to our team on chat regarding claims, questions, or concerns, or give us a call to arrange a hospital visit. 
  3. Add dependents like your spouse, domestic partner, or children.
  4. Find out more details about our policy & benefits here:

🔗 Standard Policy Document

🔗 Premium Policy Document

🔗 Policy DocuPremium+Maternity Policy Document

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