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Some people called us cereal fanatics! Others just called us crazy! And we think this definition is not completely wrong! We love cereals, and we know that a little bit of craziness is a great ingredient to break down barriers and make something entirely new! After a recent trip around Europe, we came up with the idea of opening in Portugal, a cereals specialized coffee shop, where the good and “pop” mood is everywhere around the store.

We will not give you only cereals with milk in a bowl. We are making a completely new approach to this product so common at our tables. By mixing several brands, different toppings, crackers, sweets, and everything you can imagine, we offer you an experience full of different flavors all together in a bowl, that some might call dessert, others breakfast, snacks and for the most extreme, meal. We are open every day, right in the center of Lisbon in Bairro Alto, one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city.


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