Hub Coworking Hawai'i

Hub Coworking Hawai’i

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The first day is always free at the Hub to check out Hawai’i’s largest coworking space with 18,000 square feet and two floors of different working styles to fit your need. The Hub has a plethora of amenities such as showers, locally brewed SKY kombucha and nitro coffee on tap, locally brewed beers on tap from Hana Koa Brewery, fresh cups of Big Island Coffee Roasters and surfboard storage. With a mix of digital nomads and local entrepreneurs there is pleasant mix for the community at the Hub. Since wifi and connection is important, the Hub pays for a symmetrical 1 Gig connection for its members. The space also has numerous free telephone booths and sound boxes that members can rent by 15 min increments. Building community is the Hub’s passion and when safe to do so, arranges pau hana (after work drinks), networking events and community work days for its members.

Honolulu, Hawaii

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