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Heavnn is a digital solution assisting international remote workers with the design and the implementation of their global tax strategy. Different packages are available to support location-independents and Digital nomads with:

  • Doing their taxes in different locations
  • Comparing tax systems and planning the best scenarios
  • Creating their business at the best location for easy remote management
  • Managing all related paperwork

Heavnn addresses mainly the remote workers who want to leverage their location-independence to optimize their taxes and finances. It gives a clear overview of the optimization possibilities between different tax systems, provides guidance on potential tax risks while traveling, and automates all paperwork once a scenario is approved.


  • The tool is completely location-independent and will be helpful for remote workers who want to travel/relocate to new locations while improving their finances, or who work for a company in another country.
  • The suggested tax setups lead to an average 60% reduction on the final tax bill and are specific to one’s personal situation.
  • A must-have particularly for digital nomads, employed, or freelancers.


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