Espacio Kernel

Espacio Kernel

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Kernel is located in the best and most central area of Santa Cruz. On Avenida Tres de Mayo, an area full of restaurants, commercial- and parking spaces.

Our entire space is designed to encourage collaboration among our coworkers. In the cooperative environment freelancers and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world can connect and new synergies can arise.

You will work on your own but with many colleagues who can support you and whom you can support.
Our space is not limited exclusively to rent desks. We think that a community, does not simply consist of people who work together in an office, if not, it`s the union of these who collaborate and create synergies.

Our goal is to create the ideal environment to make it possible to build these synergies.

„If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together“

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